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Outstanding Sophomore



Each year, the Exchange Club recognizes Omaha and surrounding area High School Sophomores for their academic, extracurricular, and volunteer achievements. Each High School provides recommendations for this recognition through their own screening and application process. The student will receive a certificate at an Honors assembly and their name is added to the Outstanding Sophomore Award Plaque posted at their school.

                                 2017 HONOREES:

Bellevue East High School Gabrielle Estep
Bellevue West High School Heather Richard
Bennington High School Emily Gress
Benson High School Dean Hohn
Blair High School Andrew Straube
Boys Town High School Hunter Hightree
Brownell Talbot High School Meera Nair
Bryan High School Esmeralda Rodriguez-Menjivar
Burke High School Arman Moussavi
Concordia High School Grace Boganowski
Creighton Prep High School Matthew Muellner
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Clare Reinhart
Elkhorn High School Braydon Dreher
Elkhorn South High School Noble Rai
Gross Catholic High School Katherine Sloup
Marian High School Abby McGill
Millard North High School Sophia Coniglio
Millard South High School Carly Renken
Millard West High School Joanna Bai
Mount Michael High School Gerald Righter
Omaha Central High School Xzavier Herbert
Omaha North High School Molly Schmeits
Omaha Northwest High School A'mya Gilmore
Omaha Northwest High School A'mya Gilmore
Omaha South High School Carmina Rangel-Pacheco
Papillion LaVista High School Madison Maddox
Papillion LaVista South High School Olivia Tomlinson
Ralston High School Sonia Garcia Martinez
Roncalli High School Alexander Rodgers
Skutt Catholic High School Cole Mingo
Westside High School Madigan Brodsky

                      2016 Honorees:

  School                                                     Student

Benson High School

Blake Zellmer

Blair High School

Michaela Ott

Boys Town High School

Jason Landin

Brownell Talbot High School

Diva Agarwal

Bryan High School

Gelsey Timilsina

Burke High School

Ryan Tiemann

Concordia High School

Bridget Backer

Creighton Prep High School

Andrew Hoover

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart

Kandace Mack

Elkhorn High School

Brooke Carlson

Elkhorn South High School

Sierra Morris

Elkhorn South High School

Sierra Morris

Gross Catholic High School

Madison Brase

Marian High School

Megan Doehner

Millard North High School

Alex Suh

Millard South High School

Taryn Smith

Millard West High School

Amanda Dickerson

Mount Michael High School

Dash Wedergren

Omaha Central High School

Omaha North High School

Grace Erixon

Omaha Northwest High School

Daniel Le

Omaha South High School

LaShawn Sweet

Papillion LaVista High School

Sydney Chittenden

Papillion LaVista South High School

Isaac Anthony

Ralston High School

Damien Kackemeister

Roncalli High School

Bridget Lincoln

Skutt Catholic High School

Callan Strawhecker

Westside High School

Hailey Tierra


                 2015 Honorees:
School Sophomore
Bellevue East High School Logan Wood
Bellevue West High School Terese Navarra
Bennington High School Grace Corrigan
Benson High School Jordan Fashing
Blair High School Brooke Brewer
Boys Town High School Jesus Lopez
Brownell Talbot High School Maya Mathews
Bryan High School Timothy Schriever
Burke High School Kai Johnson
Concordia High School Amanda Srygley
Creighton Prep High School Thomas Kennedy
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Elizabeth Schropp
Elkhorn High School Sam Christensen
Elkhorn South High School Jacob McNeill
Gross Catholic High School Kylee L. Schultz
Marian High School Lauren Novacek
Millard North High School Priya Kukreja
Millard South High School Alyssa Soppe
Millard West High School Joel Meyer
Mount Michael High School Joe Coldiron
Omaha Central High School Miles Kay
Omaha North High School Darrell Chew
Omaha Northwest High School Samantha Kison
Omaha South High School Margarita Rodriguez
Papillion LaVista High School Vanessa Reiser
Papillion LaVista South High School Gabby Lamberty
Ralston High School Martha Sanchez
Roncalli High School James Wilmes
Skutt Catholic High School Sarah Schrader
Westside High School Steven Simon
                   2014 Honorees:
Bellevue East High School Jessica Harms
Bellevue West High School Natalie Sjostedt
Bennington High School Allison Connor
Benson High School Jacob Phillips
Blair High School Drew Damme
Boys Town High School Mikahla Russell
Brownell Talbot High School Rachel Cruse
Bryan High School Katlin Wills
Burke High School Daniel F. Wright
Concordia High School Alexander Furjanic
Creighton Prep High School Collin Healy
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Celine Helton
Elkhorn High School Micah Holmes
Elkhorn South High School Philip Holubeck
Gross Catholic High School Christa Holland
Marian High School Clara Wertzberger
Millard North High School Sophia Holt
Millard South High School Vincent Malene
Millard West High School Eugene Nuzzolillo
Mount Michael High School Luke Krajewski
Omaha Central High School Michael Galeski
Omaha North High School Sarah McCarty
Omaha Northwest High School Jessica Braun
Omaha South High School Mohammed Farah
Papillion LaVista High School Kelley Ryan
Papillion LaVista South High School Gabrielle Catterson
Ralston High School Jade Adler
Roncalli High School Caleb Nigrin
Skutt Catholic High School Matthew Pohlman
Westside High School Payton Knott

               2013 Honorees:


School Sophomore
Bellevue East High Trevor Wood
Bellevue West High Catherine Jones
Bennington High Kelsey Gansebom
Benson High Randy Rouse Jr.
Blair High Dean Penner
Boys Town High Angelica Martinez 
Brownell Talbot High Caravaggio Caniglia
Burke High Leona Dunn
Bryan High l Jordan Parker
Bryan High  Victoria Pura
Concordia High Matt Kernen
Creighton Prep High Micah Rensch
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Madison Webster
Elkhorn High Jessee Zhang
Elkhorn South High Abi Heller
Gross Catholic High Matthew Herting
Marian High Alexandra Regan
Millard North High Celine Qiu
Millard South High Kathryn Pflug
Millard West High Rohan Kandel
Mount Michael High Alex Hotovy
Omaha Central High Emily Jezewski
Omaha North High Grace Siy
Omaha Northwest High Jenna Purdy
Omaha South High Abril Rangel-Pacheco
Papillion LaVista South Estefen Rice
Papillion LaVista  Gabrielle Jonsson
Ralston High Kaitlyn Rose Sycuro
Roncalli High Kimberly Nguyen
Skutt Catholic High Kathleen Pohlman
Westside High  
Michelle Xiao



                       2012 Honorees:


School Sophomore
Bellevue East High School Peyton Hagen
Bellevue West High School Loriana Harkey
Bennington High School Brett Velasquez
Benson High School Cheyenne Rowe
Blair High School Molly Sheehan
Boystown High School Anne Polland 
Brownell Talbot High School Sydney Woods
Burke High School Simran Khanal
Bryan High School Victoria Pura
Concordia High School Ashley Meinders
Creighton Prep High School John M. Hogue
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Samantha Stoupa
Elkhorn High School Alexandra Janvrin
Elkhorn South High School Tyler Martin
Gross Catholic High School Alexandra Tooley
Marian High School Caroline Hendricks
Millard North High School Kelsey Moss
Millard South High School Benjamin Wellwood
Millard West High School Kevin McCawley
Mount Michael High School Andrew Johannes
Omaha Central High School Grant Fishburn
Omaha North High School Annastacia McCarty
Omaha Northwest High School Nathan Strasser
Omaha South High School Kevin M. Harkins
Papillion LaVista South High School Dylan Zinszer
Papillion LaVista High School Alissa Schovanec
Ralston High School Sarah McGill
Roncalli High School Jacob Wolff
Skutt Catholic High School Zachary Pohlman
Westside High School  Quinn Nelson




                         2011 Honorees:



Bellevue East High School


Shelby Quinn


Bellevue West High School


Myah Lacz


Bennington High School


Grant Siekman


Benson High School


Charlene Shambare


Blair High School


Dylan Rogers


Boystown High School


Caitlin Marvin


Brownell Talbot High School


Alison Brockman


Burke High School


Aaron Zipursky


Bryan High School


Phuong Phan


Concordia High School


Taylor Korte


Creighton Prep High School


Adam Kotula


Duchesne Academy


Pooja Varman


Elkhorn High School


Logan Fraser


Elkhorn South High School


Jacob Sesker


Gross Catholic High School


Nathan Henton


Marian High School


Kate Johnson


Millard North High School


Sophie Cordova


Millard South High School


Neil Girmus


Millard West High School


Tyler Hardy


Mount Michael High School


Grant Ramm


Omaha Central High School


Phoebe Perry


Omaha North High School


Zachary Bram


Omaha Northwest High School


Connor Bergin


Omaha South High School


Jhone White-Lucas


Papillion LaVista South High School


Elizabeth Lapke


Papillion LaVista High School


Keegan Kush


Ralston High School


Ashley Wemhoff


Roncalli High School


Samantha Lonergan


Skutt Catholic High School


Thomas Peterson


Westside High School


Margaret Novoa




         2010 Honorees


Sophomore                     School

Joshua Meinders               Concordia

Konnie Keiser                    Benson

Grace Bartels                    Brownell-Talbot

Adam Lacroix                    Central

Hayden Bateman               Blair

Josh Abels                         Papillion-LaVista

Morgan Schumacher           Marian

Jordan Jenison                   Bellevue West

Hallie Laufenberg               Bellevue  East

Colin Dudzinski                   Creighton Prep

Andrea Norton                    Millard South

Daniel P. Butler                  Millard West

Jackson Gzehoviak              Millard North

Brittany Taylor Holen           Elkhorn

Erin Huskey                        Papillion LaVista South

Josie Bircher                       Omaha North

Doug Morris                        Ralston

Sommer Snakenberg            Boys town

Grace Wilder                       Duchesne Academy

Margaret Findall                  Roncalli Catholic

Samuel Adams                    Westside

Alexis V. Gonzalez               Northwest

Rachel Wilwerding               Gross Catholic

Michael Wickham                 Bennington

Tianna Schoessler                Burke

Bryan F. Sibrian                   Bryan

George Townsend                Mount Michael



                   2009 Honorees:


School                                               Sophomore

Ralston High School                          Kassandra Nolasco

Westside High School                        Elizabeth Davis

Marian High School                           Emily Holt

Central High School                           Isaac Thomas

Boys Town High School                     Chase Murphy

Benson High School                          Camille Righter

Bellevue West High School                 Kelsey Bash

Bellevue East High School                  Samantha Lovell

Omaha Northwest High School           Elizabeth Bergin

Creighton Prep High School                Paul Floersch

Elkhorn High School                           Brandon Rossell

Duchesne Academy                           Nargiza Ergasheva

Concordia Jr/Sr High School                Spencer Schwarting

Millard North High School                   Jeff Story Jr.

Millard South High School                   Saleasha Mc Clurge

Millard West High School                    Peter Pei

Burke High School                             Allyson Brown

Gross Catholic High School                 Jamie Holland

Bryan High School                             Danielle Nelson

Omaha North High School                  Christine Guthman

Omaha South High School                  Andrew Martinez

Blair High School                               Presley Glaser

Skutt Catholic High School                  Mary Kleinsasser

Brownell-Talbot College Prep.             Emily Chen

Papillion-LaVista High School              Chelsea Albers

Papillion-LaVista South High School     Matthew Lynch

Bennington High School                     Victoria Klaus

Mount Michael Benedictine                  Bryce Howe

Roncalli Catholic High School               Riley Cullen



                                 2008 Honorees:


Sophomore               School                         Sophomore                 School
Mary Susman              Westside                     Cynthia L. Thomas        South

Margie Carmody          Skutt                           Samantha Roh             Roncalli

Cameron Ramaekers    Papillion/La Vista          Lisa Gehring                Marian

Jacob L. Moore            Northwest                    Sean Murphy               Mount Michael

Sarah Nazarie              Millard West                 Daniel Florance            Papillion/La Vista South

Ian M. Swanson           Millard North                Sean Cork                   Gross

Katherine Miller            Elkhorn                        Jamie Porter               Duchesne

Luke S. Witchger          Creighton Prep             Gabe Rademacher        Concordia

Kelsey Simkins             Brownell-Talbot            Constance Pool            Boys Town

Ryan Garder                Blair                             Harris Ramm               Benson

Tonni Blount                Bellevue West               Ben Petr                     Bellevue East

Cristen Cavel               Burke                           Allison Siekman            Bennington

Kelsey Schluter            North                           Alaina Allen                  Central

James Sadowski           Ralston                        Janet Nguyen               Bryan



                                      2007 Honorees:

School                              Sophomore              School                           Sophomore

Omaha North                    Justin Asuncion         Omaha South                 Andrea Stump

Omaha Benson                 Andrew Hillmer          Omaha Central               Ben Polk

Omaha Northwest             Jessica Lucas             Omaha Burke                 Mariah Collins

Omaha Bryan                    Mary Brammann        Creighton Prep               James Owens

Millard North                     Derek Cox                 Millard South                 Sara Fredrickson

Millard West                      David Wilson             Bellevue East                 Brianna Kallman

Bellevue West                   Jamie Fields              Ralston                          Shalah Dare

Mount Michael                   Zachary Harrat          Marian                          Rosemary Kelly

Papillion/LaVista                Molly Kratz                Westside                       Abigail Zadina

Papillion/LaVista South       Julianne Kosmicki      Skutt Catholic                Abby Schweitzer

Girls and Boys Town          Brandi Preston           Roncalli Catholic            Conor Barnes

Elkhorn                             Peter Sojka               Brownell-Talbot             Kimberly Meeks

Duchesne Academy            Cally Pflug                Gross Catholic                Ryan Crnkovich

Concordia Jr./Sr.               Katelyn Tschida          Blair                               Tom Hodgson

Bennington                        Denver Klaus