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Exchange Club of Omaha
Service to Country, Service to Youth, Service to Community
HomeClub Strategic Plan

             Club Strategic Plan

                     Primary Goals

                                        Prevention of Child Abuse

                                        Service to God

                                      Service to America

                                      Service to the community

                                      Service to youth


                      Secondary Goals

                                      Community awareness

                                      Fellowship and fun

                                      Perpetuation through membership growth

                                      Rewarding experiences


               Club’s Strengths

                                      Dedicated and participating membership

                                      Past success and experience with various club projects

                                      Community outreach

                                      Experienced leadership

                                      Interesting speakers at meetings


                        Specific Objectives

                                      Increase community awareness and visibility

                                      Membership attendance and growth

                                      Fundraising to support our projects

                                      Derive benefits of current activities                                     

                                      Assure financial stability of the club

                                      Increase number of informal social gatherings with members/potential members